The Decor

The final step of the project provides for internal furniture design and assembly, in line with the finishing touch. Each piece of furniture is customer-tailored and adapted to the room they have to be placed in.

This is made possible by the long-time artisanal experience of our joiners, along with the use of the most advanced IT technologies for graphic design. This process allows Stile Italia to reduce timing and costs as well, as no one other partner can ensure, preserving the high level of quality and efficiency of the outcome.

Internal finishing touches, from tapestry to furniture and decoration, are craft-made and unique, in line with the purest Italian style, and realized starting from the best materials and elements from local supply.
The entire interior decoration is realized to be long lasting, resistant and efficient in terms of aesthetical and functional result, to accomplish always every demand and need.

Every piece is subjected to customer’s approval, which is unavoidable to make Stile Italia partners start to work.
In the end, the final work, completed with both indoor and outdoor decoration, is entirely revised by our design team and then presented to the client, who receives the high quality standard certification of the building by the design team itself.

“Made in Italy quality in every detail”