About Us

Stile Italia Contract

Stile Italia Contract is an enterprise network operating in building, refurbishment and restoration sectors for real estate, commercial and hospitality.
This network aims at providing a full building and restoring service, from the beginning project to the final outcome, for luxury and valuable property. Professional skills and difference competences grant a turnkey result, from the first planning to the internal decoration, which embodies also a complete assistance about legal procedure’s execution, relieving the customer of any concerning.
Stile Italia relies on elements such as tradition, quality and innovation. Caring of details and a long-standing experience in luxury refurbishment are the pros that allow Stile Italia to accomplish any customer demand.
Stile Italia meets domestic and international market demand, providing a full integrated supplying service, in order to fulfil any request and customer personal style.

Our Network

Stile Italia Contract network collects multidisciplinary professionals and is led by a local well-known design team, which has a long time experience in real estate and commercial building sector. The whole network takes inspiration from the continuous research of high quality materials and Italian design, in order to meet every customer demand from everywhere in the world.

Our Mission

Stile Italia aims to support any client with a wide range of multidisciplinary professional experts about luxury building and refurbishment.
Members of Stile Italia network belong to the place where they work and their know-how is the result of a long experience in this business. This passion enables the network to provide a simple, effective and aesthetically pleasing outcome.