The Project

Our design team is the first account that meets the client and collects all the requests and demands. The design team is the network member that has the crucial role to find a meeting point between customer’s needs and how to turn them into a concrete project. After the first meeting, the second stage is analysing the whole site and pointing out every structural intervention that has to be fulfilled before either the building or the restoring work. This beginning work of analysis and place evaluation produces a complete 3D project that Stile Italia shows to the customer, in order to obtain the approval and then start the work.

The project approval relieves the customer of any relation with suppliers: customers choosing Stile Italia do not have any concerning about the building process or the completion of all formalities, as Stile Italia takes the responsibility for both them fulfilments.
Eventually, the presentation of the project is followed by a generic budget that the whole project would require.

“Your desire is in our project”