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Stile Italia Contract is a network of professionals that has been working for a few years in the field of building construction, refurbishment and restyling for commercial and real estate sectors. View all projects

Stile Italia Contract

Only the real passion for Italian style can make your wish come true. Rely upon the true professionals of Italian design and live your personal Italian dream.

Design Quality
Made in Italy
Italian Lifestyle

"Made in Italy tailored on yourself"

Stile Italia Contract was born to enhance Italian design life style through the pure research of high quality materials combined with a professional project that has to be perfectly integrated with customer’s desires and expectation. The long experience embodied by each professional included in Stile Italia Contract network is the real strength that makes Stile Italia a unique partner to rely on.

Every member of the network belongs to the working place and developed a special sensibility for Italian design that only who has always lived here can transfer to a project and make it special and inimitable.

Design Quality

Stile Italia aims at finding always the best solution to satisfy both domestic and overseas demand through a very long experience in building sector.

Made in Italy

Tradition, inheritance, passion. Made in Italy is all this. This is the goal that Stile Italia wants to reach in every project day by day.


Italian lifestyle is made unique by the incomparable capability to put together, on one hand, the pure drawing of tradition and, on the other hand, the futuristic view of innovation.